Historical and Masonry Facade Restoration – M-A works closely with our clients and local Historical Architects to preserve and protect our landmarks. Hospitals, churches, schools, multi-family residential units, office buildings and plants are all a part of our extensive building repair portfolio. Using the latest in technology and our extensive knowledge of repair procedures we work to achieve a result that will last well into the future.

We have drones and licensed pilots on staff to take closeup images of the outside of any building structure.

Work items: Masonry repair and replacement, Tuckpointing, Stone and terracotta restoration, wall anchoring, lintel repairs, cleaning, masonry sealer, urethane wall coatings, joint sealants, specialty flooring.

Image Legend:

  1. Corrosion Prevention
  2. Water Repellants
  3. Ceiling Coatings
  4. Wall Coatings
  5. Vertical Joint Sealants
  6. Balcony Repair
  7. Concrete Repair
  8. Concrete Strengthening
  9. Horizontal Joint Sealings