Parking Structure Repairs – Garages need a consistent maintenance plan to combat the damage that cold temperatures and salts can do to concrete surfaces.  We help to establish maintenance plans that are consistent with our customer’s needs to ensure that their structure is safe and well protected against the elements.

We have drones and licensed pilots on staff to take closeup images of hard to reach areas and exteriors of parking structures.

Work Items: Horizontal and vertical concrete repair, expansion joint replacement, joint sealants, concrete sealer, urethane and epoxy deck coating systems, carbon fiber wrapping, epoxy injection

Image Legend:

  1. Corrosion Prevention
  2. Deck Coatings
  3. Water Repellants
  4. Expansion Joints
  5. Wall Coatings
  6. Horizontal Joint Sealings
  7. Concrete Repair
  8. Concrete Strengthening
  9. Ceiling Coatings
  10. Vertical Joint Sealings